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Galvanized W-Beam Guard Rail


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Introduction of Galvanized W-Beam Guard Rail & Features of Galvanized W-Beam Guard Rail

Installing guardrail along the street, especially along the motorway has become an international practice to protect drivers and pedestrian's lives in recent years. And countries from all over the world are demanding high quality guardrail from the suppliers.
Wuhan Dachu Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd is a professional corrugated guardrail manufacturer with the largest production base in central China. With the help of professional team and state-of-art production line, our products have long been enjoying the domestic and global market.

We mianly manufacture crash barrier guardrails by the following standards:
A. AASHTO-M180 (Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Highway Guardrail - USA)
B. AS/NZS 3845:1999(Road Safety Barrier Systems - Australia/New Zealand)
C. EN-1317(Road Restraint Systems - Europe)
D. JT/T 281-2007(Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Expressway Guardrail - China)
We also manufacture guardrail system with specifications customized by our clients.

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Galvanized W-Beam Guard Rail

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