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Dachu Thrie Beam Highway Guardrail


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Introduction of Dachu Thrie Beam Highway Guardrail & Features of Dachu Thrie Beam Highway Guardrail

The thrie beam highway guardrail (also named as tri-beam crash barrier or tri-wave guardrail etc.) is a type of guardrail that is mainly installed along the highways around the world. 
Wuhan Dachu Thrie Beam Highway Guardrail crash barrier is formed in accordance with the latest highway safety barrier technology to make sure its high durability and maximum strength. Dachu road guardrail components are made of high quality steel (Q235, Q345, A36 etc.), which can effectively reduce the impact force caused by vehicles to the maximum extent. Dachu Thrie Beam crash barrier is a perfect combination of high quality material (Q235B, Q345B, etc.) and excellent anti-rust zinc or powder coating.

Advantages of Wuhan Dachu Thrie Beam guardrails:
1. Safety: the thrie beam highway guardrail is mostly installed on the roadside where there is danger and cars with high speed, to keep the vehicles on the right track and the things or animals from going into the road, thus ensuring road safety.
2. High strength: anti-corrosion thrie beam highway guardrail is made of ASTM, EN, BS, AS/NZS, and JPS steel, they are of high strength with toughness.
3. Long lifespan: after cold rolled, the thrie beam highway guardrail will do hot dipped galvanization in the zinc pool with high temperature, which highly improves its antioxidant capacity and corrosion resistance.
4. Eco-friendly: The Q235/Q345 steel, the material of thrie beam highway guardrail, is recyclable and reusable. It can be used to make other metallic products by recycling.
5. Easy installation and repair: Easy installation, repair and replacement: Modular design can be used with many kinds of crash barrier system; It can be repaired quickly after accident as well. It’s simply assembled by bolts and nuts, easy to install and change the guardrail spare parts.
6. Cost-effective: compare with the other crash barrier (roller barrier, plastic barrier and so on), the powder-coated steel highway guardrail is of lower price and longer life.
7. Beautiful color: we can do powder spray with different colors on the thrie beam highway guardrail, make it more beautiful and suitable with the road sight.

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Dachu Thrie Beam Highway Guardrail

We manufacture Three Beam Motorway Guardrails according to the following standards:
A. JT/T 281-1995(Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams for Expressway Guardrail - China)
B. AASHTO-M180 (Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams for Highway Guardrail - USA)
C. AS/NZS 3845:1999(Road Safety Barrier Systems - Australia/New Zealand)
D. BS EN-1317(Road Restraint Systems - Europe)
E. RAL RG620 (Germany)
F. As per clients' requirements

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