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AASHTO M180 W-Beam Guardrail


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Introduction of AASHTO M180 W-Beam Guardrail & Features of AASHTO M180 W-Beam Guardrail

In traffic engineering, highway guardrail is aimed at preventing errant vehicles from hitting roadside obstacles which may be either man-made (sign structures, culvert inlets, utility poles) or natural (trees, rocks), running off the road and going down a steep embankment, or veering off the roadway into oncoming traffic (commonly referred to as a median barrier). For the time being, W-beam guardrail is the most popular choice for making crash barrier systems. W-beam guardrails are cost-effective to prevent vehicular impact with roadside objects, and lessen the likelihood of vehicle overturning and casualties. 

Wuhan Dachu W-beam road guardrail crash barrier is formed in accordance with the latest highway safety barrier technology to make sure its high durability and maximum strength. Dachu road guardrail components are made of high quality steel (Q235, Q345, A36 etc.), which can effectively reduce the impact force caused by vehicles to the maximum extent. 

To make things better, the zinc coating or PVC coating perfectly combined to the W-beam guardrail keeps the products free of damages of corrosion and rust.

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AASHTO M180 W-Beam Guardrail

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