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AASHTO Crash Barrier Systems Factory Sales


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Introduction of AASHTO Crash Barrier Systems Factory Sales & Features of AASHTO Crash Barrier Systems Factory Sales

W-beam guardrail is shaped from steel coil into W-like rail and typically galvanized to get rid of corrosion from weathers, rains and other threating factors. 10-gauge or 12-gauge corrugated steel rail is strong enough to prevent vehicle accidents in most applications. Sometimes colored powder coating is used to add view to the applications. W beam crash barrier is frequently found in many places. It can be applied to guard work zone safety, asset protection and control the traffic movement. Manufactured in standard AASHTO, lengths will be 12'6" or 25'; special lengths and post-hole spacing are available.
According to the actual requirements, W-beam crash barrier can be classified into strong and weak, most different from the thickness of the beam and the post.

Remark: A complete set of W-beam guardrail system can be provided for easy installation and economic cost.

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AASHTO Crash Barrier Systems Factory Sales

Corrugated Steel Gauge: 10 or 12 or as required; 
Length: 12'6" or 25'; 
Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing (up to 550 g/sqm) or powder coating; 
Steel Grade: Raw material conforming to IS 5986 Grade Fe 360/Fe 410, IS 10748 Grade II or equivalent; 
Standard: AASHTO Specifications; 
Post spacing: 6'3" (strong post) and 12'6" (weak post).

    Popular Applications:
    Car parking lot guardrail;
    Industrial barriers;
    Roadway guard crash barriers;
    Median highway crash barrier;
    Loading bays;
    Distribution depots;
    Service roads;
    Pedestrian areas;
    Bridge guardrail.
    Features & Advantages:

    Widest applications like bridge guardrail;
    Galvanization prevents corrosion;
    Installed on strong or weak posts on your request;
    Powder coating is optional.
    Full set of accessories ensure easy installation;
    Less maintenance;
    Continues to function as effective barrier after minor impacts.

    Reduce available road space for pedestrians;
    Affect the aesthetics.
    Installation types of W-beam guardrail

    Single faced single barrier.
    Single faced double barrier.
    Double faced single barrier.
    Double faced double barrier.

    A - Single Faced Single Barrier
    B - Single Faced Double Barrier
    C - Double Faced Single Barrier
     - Double Faced Double Barrier

    Strong W-beam guardrail along the highway
    Single faced single barrier
    Modular W-beam barrier in front of equipment
    Single faced double barrier
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