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Ringlock Scaffoldings


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Introduction of Ringlock Scaffoldings & Features of Ringlock Scaffoldings

1. Hot dip galvanized process,lifespan reaches to more than 15 years.
2. New carbon steel, high strength mechanical property, maximum vertical prop load is 200KN.
3. Energy saving,environmental construction,saving 2/3 steel consumption compared with cuplock scaffolding.
4. Standard module, efficient management, modularization and standardization of components, easy transportation and construction management, reduce the risk of loss and damage, improve economic benefit
5. Easy to mount and dismount,save labor and time ,the speedy of mounting and dismounting is 4 and 8 times compared with steel tube coupler scaffolding,2 times compared with cuplock scaffolding.
6. Patented technology, strength guarantee, multiple design development patents, national strength recognition.
7. Gravity self-locking, safe and reliable, original gravity self-locking plug-pin system, plug-in self-locking prevents the ledger from slipping off, makes construction more safe and reliable

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Ringlock Scaffoldings

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